Data delivery

NGI will deliver data to a delivery project on "GRUS". GRUS is a delivery resource hosted by SNIC-UPPMAX.

When a sequencing or genotyping project is ready for delivery, NGI registers a new delivery project with the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and data is moved to GRUS. The principal investigator (PI) of the sequencing or genotyping project is also assigned as the PI of the delivery project. Delivery projects are only active for 90 days after data delivery and will expire thereafter. The PI of the delivery project is responsible for ensuring that data is retrieved from GRUS before the delivery project expires. Once the delivery project has expired, it is automatically removed from GRUS.

Initially, the PI and the bioinformatics responsible person are the only members of the delivery project and consequently, the only persons who can access the data on GRUS. The PI can administer the delivery project and add or remove members, assign a Technical Administrator or a Proxy for the PI through the SNIC User and Project Repository (SUPR) web interface. Members of the delivery project are able to download the data from GRUS or have the data copied to the SNIC-UPPMAX resource Bianca (see instructions here).

In particular, note that:

  • The NGI will create the delivery project. No action is required by the project members until they receive an e-mail from the NGI.
  • The PI of the sequencing or genotyping project will also be assigned as the PI of the delivery project in SUPR. The bioinformatics responsible person specified on the order will be added as a member of the delivery project, provided that this person has registered an account in SUPR. The email addresses specified when placing the order must be the same as the email addresses used for registering in SUPR.
  • After delivery to GRUS, the PI is solely responsible for ensuring the integrity, availability and safekeeping of the sequencing or genotyping data and associated files, as well as ensuring that the data is handled in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Data must be retrieved before the delivery project expires, which happens 90 days after delivery, unless agreed otherwise. It is the responsibility of the PI for the delivery project to ensure that data is retrieved.
  • MD5-checksums are provided with the delivery. Make sure to verify the integrity of the data after retrieval.
  • Expired delivery projects may be automatically removed from GRUS without further notice. NGI cannot guarantee that removed data can be re-delivered. NGI will not have access to the data once it has been delivered to GRUS.
  • NGI will strive to only do one delivery per sequencing or genotyping project. Under special circumstances, more than one delivery may be performed for a project. In this case, a new delivery project will be registered for each delivery. The expiration date of each such delivery project will be based on the corresponding delivery date.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on data delivery.

For questions on how to retrieve data from GRUS or usage of the SNIC-UPPMAX HPC systems (e.g. Bianca, Milou), please contact

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