Sequencing by PacBio technology

Sequencing by Pacific Biosciences RSII (PacBio) is provided by NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center).

Sequencing by PacBio technology can result in extremely long reads, making this technology extraordinary suitable for both de novo- and whole genome re-sequencing projects. For these applications, NGI generates fragment libraries with 10-20kb as default insert size. The PacBio technology is also suitable for long amplicon sequencing and metagenomic analysis of complex amplicon pools. Besides, PacBio technology is suitable for sequencing whole-length transcripts (Iso-seq application).

The following sequencing instruments are available:

  • PacBio RSII systems: 25 – 70 000 reads per SMRT cell. Read length from 250 bp 70 Kbp.
  • PacBio Sequel system

NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center) offers both library preparation and sequencing. The decision on which library preparation kit, instrument and set up are best for your particular project depend on various factors like research question, amount and quality of starting material, and requested amount of data. For any inquiries on what is best for your project, please contact the project coordinators at NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center) (see contact information).

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