NGI during Covid-19 outbreak

NGI is still up and running during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are experiencing some limitations in terms of personnel and key reagents. Each NGI node is following its respective host university recommendations and will continue operation until further notice.

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Agena Bioscience iPLEX SNP Genotyping system

The iPLEX chemistry offers simple, reproducible, PCR-based primer extension chemistry for genotype profiling using mass spectrometry with the MassARRAY System.

The MassArray system will be phased out and removed from our service during fall 2020.

For small to medium scale genotyping of 10 to hundreds of SNPs per sample, NGI offers the iPLEX® Assay with the MassARRAY® System from Agena Bioscience. The system allows genotyping of custom-designed SNP arrays in any organism, and several fixed SNP arrays are also available.

Please contact our head of SNP genotyping Tomas Axelsson for more information about our services, or visit Agena Bioscience website for information about the system.

Method Status


We are routinely running this method. Please visit the Order Portal to place an order.