10X Chromium gene expression (next-GEM)

Profiling of gene expression levels at single-cell resolution.

The 10X Chromium system allows for a number of options to look at single-cell gene expression, chromatin accessibility, and immune reception profiling.

– Single-cell/nuclei gene expression (GEX) analysis from 3′ or 5′ ends of transcripts. -> see more info here.

Immune receptor profiling at the single cell level, with/without matched 5′ end of transcript gene expression. -> see more info here.

– Single-cell Crispr/Cas screening, with 3′ or 5′ gene expression. -> see more info here.


There are a number of different options for multiplexing samples for 10X single-cell sequencing, eg. hashing, please contact us if you want to discuss this.

It is possible to get additional cell surface marker information from each cell, please contact us if you want to discuss this.

For inquiries regarding single-cell applications on the 10x Chromium system, please contact our project coordinators at support@ngisweden.se.

Last Updated: 15th March 2024

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