Library preparation technology linking reads from long DNA fragments useful for example for de novo sequencing or phasing of variants in whole genome resequencing.

This method is under testing at NGI and we are not currently accepting TELL-seq projects.

  • Transposase Enzyme Linked Long-read Sequencing (TELL-seq) is a method enabling the creation of linked-read libraries from High Molecular Weight DNA
  • The libraries are sequenced using Illumina sequencing
  • Generated data can be used for genome assembly, structural variation calling and haplotype inference. Genome assembly is supported for a wide range of genome sizes (a few Mb to several Gb)
  • Technology description

Sample requirements

  • High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA
Suggested input amount of HMW genomic DNA for TELL-seq library prep

Relevant Technologies
Method Status


We are currently testing this method. Please contact us to find out more.