Guidelines for sample preparation (extractions done by users)

Sources of DNA and DNA extraction

We strongly recommend that reference specimens are snap-frozen in the absence of a buffer, and stored at -80°C prior to DNA extraction. For a selection of DNA extraction protocols suited for long-read sequencing, please refer to and the BioNano homepage

We can process samples using our low-input or express library protocols. The low-input protocol allows construction of PacBio libraries from as little as 5 ng (ultra-low input) or 150 ng (low input) of DNA (recommended for genomes under 300 Mb). For ONT sequencing, we require a minimum DNA amount of 2 ug for each PromethION flow cell. 

All samples are assessed for quality and concentration with the Qubit upon receipt by NGI. 

Please contact for advice on sample collection, tissue preservation and DNA extraction for your specific organism type.