Software information

OrderPortal version 3.5.5

The system is written in Python (versions 2.6 and 2.7) and is built on top of the Tornado web server and template system using bootstrap for display. The CouchDB database system is the back-end storage.

The Python code is available in the GitHub repo pekrau/OrderPortal.

The technical documentation is in the GitHub wiki.

Relies on Python packages available from PyPi.
CouchDB-Python 1.2
tornado 4.5.1
PyYAML 3.12
markdown 2.6.11
Relies on non-Python software.
CouchDB 1.6.1
bootstrap 3.3.6
jQuery 1.12.4
jQuery UI 1.11.4
jQuery localtime 0.9.1
jQuery DataTables 1.10.11

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