PacBio Sequel II

The award-winning PacBio Sequel II System provides high throughput, cost effective, highly accurate long-read sequencing

Image: Courtesy of Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

The PacBio Sequel II System is based on the proven technology and workflow underlying the previous version of the system, but contains updated hardware to process the new SMRT Cell 8M. The PacBio Sequel II System is also ideal for variety of applications such as de novo assembly of large genomes; whole transcriptome analysis using the Iso-Seq method; variant detection; targeted sequencing of genes or regions of interest ranging in size from several hundred base pairs to 20 kb; characterization of complex populations and direct detection of epigenetic changes.

SMRT Sequencing is the only sequencing technology to offer highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads) that provide Sanger-quality accuracy (>99%) with the read lengths needed for assembly of complex genomes or detection of all variant types from single nucleotide to large SVs.

HiFi reads are produced using the circular consensus sequencing (CCS) mode, which builds a consensus sequence based on many passes across the same template.

Image: Courtesy of Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

Latest improvements to the system enables:

  • Sequencing of larger inserts to support de novo assembly of large complex genomes with HiFi data
  • High precision and recall for variant detection using long HiFi reads
  • Characterization of a whole transcriptome in a single SMRT Cell 8M
  • Increased detection of long isoforms

Method Status


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