EASI Genomics is launching an Extraordinary Call for COVID-19 related projects

As a part of the EASI Genomics network NGI will provide services for this COVID-19 call. Apply now!

In light of the current Covid-19 crisis, EASI-Genomics is taking the measure to issue an extraordinary call. EASI-Genomics invites external users to apply for access with proposals related to the COVID-19 epidemic for a total budget of 0.5 million €. The Transnational Access rule that applied to EASI-Genomics’ previous calls will exceptionally be waived. However, EASI-Genomics will endeavor to achieve balanced access to services across all EU countries for each EASI-Genomics facility in the overall selection process.

Read more and apply on the EASI Genomics homepage!

Last Updated: 20th May 2020


18th May 2020

By Mattias Ormestad