Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore sequencers perform single-molecule long read sequencing of DNA and RNA

Oxford Nanopore have developed a proprietary method for sequencing DNA and RNA through a membrane, detecting base sequence through voltage changes.

Nanopore sequencing uses a helicase to unwind double stranded DNA at a certain speed. Unwound single strands are translocated through biological nanopores as current shifts, corresponding to specific nucleic acid motifs, are recorded in real-time. In addition to DNA Sequencing, nanopore sequencing can also be used for inferring base modifications, such as DNA- and RNA methylation.

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Technologies within this category

PromethION offers real-time, long-read, direct DNA and RNA sequencing technology at a large scale.
The Oxford Nanopore MinION is a USB-powered sequencer able to sequence DNA and RNA single molecules.
The Oxford Nanopore Flongle is the smallest Nanopore sequencer.
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