NGI Sweden Order Portal

NGI Sweden Order Portal

This portal is for submitting orders for services provided by the National Genomics Infrastructure Sweden (NGI). To make an order, please log in and choose the application most suitable for your project. If uncertain about the choice of technology, please select the “Request a meeting” option. You can read more about the different technologies and How to place an order under "Information" in the menu at the top of the page.

Projects from other countries are admissible, but have lower priority than projects performed by researchers based in Sweden. Depending on the queue situation, NGI may decide to decline a non-Swedish project altogether.

Dear users of NGI,

We would like to give you an update on the sequencing and genotyping services at NGI during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.
We are still up and running, but experiencing some limitations in terms of personnel resources and key reagents. Each NGI node will continue to follow their respective host university recommendations (KTH, KI, SU and UU) and will continue operation until further notice.
We still accept projects and samples, however, it is uncertain if we will have the reagents necessary to complete all of the projects for some applications. Therefore, significant delays in data delivery may occur. Also, as always, make sure you are in contact with NGI before shipping your samples to make sure we have personnel in place to receive packages.
Projects involving research on Covid-19 will be given priority, make sure this information is clearly visible in the project description of your orders.
In these uncertain times, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our heads of facilities and project coordinators will keep you updated to the best of their ability.

Be safe and stay healthy,
NGI personnel
Below is more specific information for the main applications that NGI offers.

Illumina sequencing. Currently no limitations in reagents, some limitations in personnel.
10x Chromium. Limitations in reagents (not only due to the the Covid-19 outbreak), and some limitations in personnel.
PacBio sequencing. Currently no limitations in reagents, some limitations in personnel.
Oxford Nanopore sequencing. Limited stock of both MinION and PromethION flow cells and reagents, expected reagent delivery in mid-April. Some limitations in personnel.
Ion AmpliSeq sequencing. No major disturbances.
SNP genotyping service. No major disturbances.
DNA extraction service. Limited personnel due to sick leave.
Bioinformatics service. Our Bioinformatics teams are working remotely and will continue with data deliveries and planned analyses.

Status Turn Around Times and Status for the Stockholm node.

Request a meeting

If you are unsure about the appropriate method for your scientific problem, request a meeting for a discussion with us.

Illumina Sequencing

Order form for Illumina sequencing.

PacBio Sequencing

Order form for PacBio sequencing. This is available only at the NGI Uppsala UGC node.

Oxford Nanopore PromethION Sequencing

Order form for ONT PromethION This is available only at the NGI Uppsala UGC node.

Ion Sequencing

Order form for sequencing by Ion S5XL.

Genotyping and array-based epityping

Order form for genotyping and DNA methylation analysis using the Illumina EPIC beadchip.

Recent news All news
PacBio Sequel II seminar (2020-01-22)

NGI is happy to invite you to a half day seminar on February 5th to learn more about PacBio’s new Sequel II system! The event is scheduled between 9-13 in Navet, BMC, Uppsala, and lunch will be served to registered participants. Also, there will be a PacBio sponsored lottery with the possibility to win free Sequel II sequencing for your own Iso-seq and de novo sequencing projects!

For a detailed agenda and registration, please follow this LINK

Last day to register is January 31.

NGI is looking for a new director (2019-12-10)

The position is placed at the Science for Life Laboratory with 50% directorship for the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI Sweden) and 50% research and teaching at KTH. Please see ad for more information!

Christmas season 2019-2020 is approaching! (2019-12-04)

The NGI order portal will be available as usual during the Christmas holidays. Please note the following dates for project handling and sample delivery:

Thursday 12th December: orders submitted on or before this date will be processed before the holidays. Any order submitted after this date will be processed after the holidays.
Tuesday 17th (UGC) / Friday 20th December (NGI-Stockholm and SNP&SEQ): submission of samples for ongoing projects will be open until week 51. Please contact respective nodes before sample delivery.
Tuesday 7th January: project handling and sample delivery re-starts as usual.

Mission Bio Talk and Q&A Session at BMC, November 18 hosted by NGI (2019-11-07)

Join us for an informative meeting about Mission Bio’s single-cell DNA sequencing platform and Q&A session at BMC, SciLifeLab Uppsala, on Monday November 18th.
Find more information here and registration via the following LINK


New! Spatial Transcriptomics at NGI (2019-10-18)

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) is now opening up requests for pilot projects within the new application Spatial Transcriptomics. We will offer spatially resolved RNA-seq analyses using the 10X Visium spatial gene expression assay. At the moment we can only support polyadenylated RNA. If you are interested in the technology and want to know more, please send an email to: /

NGI on the road (2019-10-09)

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) will visit Gothenburg (Oct 15th) and Lund & Alnarp (Oct 16th) together with NBIS to present our service portfolios, and we hope to meet both current and future users.

Please have a look at the tour’s homepage ( for information about the venues and the programme. If you want to schedule a consultation meeting with us during the tour, please register using the registration form.

NGI Sweden is hosted by Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). See the NGI pages at the SciLifeLab web site for more information.

NGI includes facilities established by profs Ulf Gyllensten (Uppsala), Ann-Christine Syvänen (Uppsala) and Joakim Lundeberg (Stockholm). The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) was launched January 1st 2013. It originates from the VR RFI infrastructure SNISS.

NGI is supported by SciLifeLab, the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR) and host universities (KI, KTH, SU, UU). In addition, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) has provided funding for instruments and computational infrastructure.

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