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Verifying indices of user-submitted Illumina library pools using Nanopore sequencing and cross-platform demultiplexing

29th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

Informal poster created by Alfred Kedhammar as part of the Visualize Your Science Course 2023.

Spatial transcriptomics as a complete service at the Scilifelab National Genomics Infrastructure – From tissue to gene counts

15th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

Conference poster presented by Jörg Bachmann at the XXIII International Congress of Genetics in Melbourne Australia, 16-21 July 2023. The poster contains credited images sourced from and unpublished images by Vilde Kaldhusda, Research group of K. Broliden, Karolinska Institute.

An introduction to Genomics – From cells to function

12th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

A presentation that broadly covers the biological context of the field of genomics, providing a brief history of developments in the field from the 19th century to the present. Please feel free to download the deck, adapt it, and make it your own!