Single-cell sequencing

Methods for characterisation of individual cells using a wide range of solutions.

Bulk RNA transcriptomic methods have become very popular and give access to basic gene expression (GE) data on eg. whole tissues. However, any tissue is going to be composed of multiple cell types, and cells with a somewhat different agenda. To really dissect gene expression signals at the cellular level, one will need to look at gene expression at the single cell level.

A number of different methods for single cell expression analysis are available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The data you get out may be from the full transcript (eg. Smart-seq) or the 5’ or 3’ ends only (eg. 10X), the platform may be optimised for deep info from each cell (eg. Smart-seq) or for getting you data from the largest possible number of cells (eg. 10X). You may also be happy with standard 10X 3’ GE data, or you may wish to combine it with other “omics” (eg 10X ATACseq, cell surface markers, etc). Finally, the sequencing depth and the optimal scale to plan for - these will depend on what you are after.

NGI currently offers single-cell sequencing using the Smart-seq3 and 10X Genomics platforms, but we are also continually evaluating new methods and protocols. 

Parse Biosciences
Evercode combinatorial barcoding technology to enable high throughput single-cell transcriptomics.
Protocol for sequencing of full-length single-cell transcripts.
10X Chromium
Single cell sequencing using the 10X Chromium platform.