New NovaSeq v1.5 chemistry

NGI is now offering sequencing using Illumina’s v1.5 NovaSeq Chemistry.

Important updates with v1.5 include additional cycles to facilitate sequencing of longer index reads and unique molecular identifiers (UMIs), and a price reduction for the NovaSeq S4 flowcells. You can find more details in this recent news bulletin from Illumina.

NovaSeq v1.0 chemistry will be discontinued and if you are planning to follow-up on a project previously run on v1.0 chemistry please contact us before December 13, 2020, as v1.0 reagents can only be ordered until the end of the year. Moreover, we will only be accepting v1.0 orders for whole flowcells. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 4th December 2020


4th December 2020

By Mattias Ormestad