Tuuli Lappalainen new director of the SciLifeLab NGI

Genetics researcher Tuuli Lappalainen from the New York Genome Center has been appointed as the new director of the National genomics infrastructure (NGI) by SciLifeLab. Tuuli is an experienced researcher with several publications in scientific journals such as Nature and Science. Her research is focused on genetic variation in human populations, where the aim is to discover how genetic differences among people contribute to differences in traits and disease risk and to map the cellular mechanisms that mediate these associations. Besides leading a research lab at the New York Genome Center, Tuuli is also an associate professor at the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University. In additional, Tuuli will also become a professor at the KTH School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health when she assumes office on May 15.

Last Updated: 4th February 2021


4th February 2021

By Mattias Ormestad