Individual NovaSeq S4 lanes with run configuration 28-10-10-120 now available

Individual lanes on Illumina S4-200 flowcells with run configuration 28-10-10-120 can now be purchased.

We now offer our users a cheaper sequencing option for the non-standard run configuration R1 = 28bp, i7 = 10bp, i5 = 10bp, R2 = 120bp, by purchasing individual lanes on Illumina NovaSeq S4-200 cycle flowcells.

One lane generates around 2,500M reads (~500Gbp), which might be a cost-effective option (~39,000SEK) compared to purchasing a whole SP/S1/S2 flowcell for projects requiring deeper sequencing. For pricing details on Illumina sequencing, consult our price examples.

Library types that can be run with this configuration:

  • Spatial Transcriptomics 10X Visium, with read setup 28-10-10-90 (or 120)
  • 10X Chromium Single Cell 3’ v3.1 (Single index), with read setup 28-8-0-90
  • 10X Chromium Single Cell 3’ v3.1 (Dual index), with read setup 28-10-10-90

Libraries with shorter indexes/read 2 can be trimmed before they are further processed.

For information on pooling 10X Chromium single index and dual index libraries, check 10X Genomics website.
More info about pooling Visium with other 10X libraries can be found here.

Please be aware that this sequencing option might result in a longer waiting time compared to buying a whole flowcell. This is because we need to wait for other projects with the same run configuration to fill up the rest of the lanes.

Last Updated: 11th June 2021


7th May 2021

By Mattias Ormestad