Since November 1 we've been experiencing technical issues with the NGI order page. There is a major service disruption affecting several IT-systems hosted by the SciLifeLab Data Centre and they are currently working on solving the problem. We're really sorry for any trouble this may cause you!

The order page is currently back online and we’ll process the orders as soon as we can!

This is also affecting our capability of doing deliveries because some vital information for creating reports is fetched from the order portal.

Update 2023-11-13

Order portal is back online since afternoon!

Update from Data Centre on 2023-11-13

Status update ongoing incident
Service restoration is now ongoing and progressing well. You will find what services has been restored here: https://status.dc.scilifelab.se/

Update from Data Centre on 2023-11-09

Status update ongoing incident:
Yesterday we managed to identify the rout-cause of the incident and we now have a plan for restoring the services. We will first rebuild the cluster, then migrate services and after that redirect current storage. We expect to be able to do a full recovery, but the work will take several days.

Update from Data Centre on 2023-11-08

Status update, ongoing incident.
Additional expertise has now been brought in and the trouble solving team now contains several people from other teams and external consultants in addition to the core team.  We will keep posting status updates here.
Please check https://status.dc.scilifelab.se/ for the current status.

Update from Data Centre on 2023-11-07

Ongoing incident handling continues today. We are fully staffed with extra resources and expertise brought in. The problem is however complicated and we do not have any expected time for solution yet.
Please check https://status.dc.scilifelab.se/ for the current status.

Last Updated: 7th May 2024


6th November 2023

By Mattias Ormestad