Project progress status report available for projects at NGI Stockholm

Many of you have asked for a way of checking the status and progress of projects running at NGI. We are now launching a system to display a more detailed view of multiple projects in the Order Portal for NGI Stockholm projects.

You’re now able to see all active projects that you have placed an order for. The report can be found in the project details under the “Reports” field and clicking the “Project Progress” will take you to the report. Note: Currently the report is only accessible to the person that placed the order for the project and not for anyone else involved with the project.

The report will display the following statuses for individual projects:


Your order has been received, project is set up and we are waiting for signed agreement, sample information and sample delivery.

Samples received

We have received everything we need and samples are queued for reception control.

Reception control finished

We have checked your samples and they are now in queue for library preparation.

Library QC finished

We have finished quality control of the libraries and they are now in queue for normalisation, pooling and then sequencing.

All samples sequenced

All samples have been sequenced and data is ready to be delivered.

All raw data delivered

All raw data has been delivered to DDS.

Last Updated: 19th June 2024


19th June 2024

By Mattias Ormestad