NGI during Covid-19 outbreak

NGI is still up and running during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are experiencing some limitations in terms of personnel and key reagents. Each NGI node is following its respective host university recommendations and will continue operation until further notice.

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Coffee & Code: 8 Secrets to Success in Bioinformatics (Johan Dahlberg)

For the inaugural 2020 Coffee ‘n Code, Johan Dahlberg from SNP&SEQ, SciLifeLab Uppsala will give a talk entitled:
8 Secrets to Success in Bioinformatics – Number 5 will surprise you”.

The talk will be in the Gamma 2 lunchroom, SciLifeLab Stockholm. Find details in the #coffee-n-code Slack channel.


SciLifeLab Stockholm
Tomtebodavägen 23A

Date / Time


14:00 - 15:00