NGI during Covid-19 outbreak

Information about operations at NGI during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Dear users of NGI,

We would like to give you an update on the sequencing and genotyping services at NGI during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

We are still up and running, but experiencing some limitations in terms of personnel resources and key reagents. Each NGI node will continue to follow their respective host university recommendations (KTH, KI, SU and UU) and will continue operation until further notice.

We still accept projects and samples, however, it is uncertain if we will have the reagents necessary to complete all of the projects for some applications. Therefore, significant delays in data delivery may occur. Also, as always, make sure you are in contact with NGI before shipping your samples to make sure we have personnel in place to receive packages. Please check the NGI order portal for updated information.

Projects involving research on Covid-19 will be given priority, make sure this information is clearly visible in the project description of your orders.

In these uncertain times, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our heads of facilities and project coordinators will keep you updated to the best of their ability.

Be safe and stay healthy,

NGI personnel

Below is more specific information for the main applications that NGI offers.

  • Illumina sequencing.
    • Currently no limitations in reagents, some limitations in personnel.
  • 10x Chromium.
    • Limitations in reagents (not only due to the the Covid-19 outbreak), and some limitations in personnel.
  • PacBio sequencing.
    • Currently no limitations in reagents, some limitations in personnel.
  • Oxford Nanopore sequencing.
    • Currently no limitations in reagents or flowcells.
  • Ion AmpliSeq sequencing.
    • No major disturbances.
  • SNP genotyping service.
    • No major disturbances.
  • DNA extraction service.
    • Limited personnel due to sick leave.
  • Bioinformatics service.
    • Our Bioinformatics teams are working remotely and will continue with data deliveries and planned analyses.

Last Updated: 8th May 2020


8th April 2020

By Elisabet Einarsdottir