New Data Delivery System to be introduced at NGI

The Data Delivery system GRUS will be replaced in Spring 2022

The existing data delivery system GRUS will be replaced by a new system called Data Delivery System (DDS) that has been developed by the Data Centre at SciLifeLab together with NGI.

Why is this being done? The hardware supporting the GRUS system has reach the end of its life and needs to be replaced. While DDS will work slightly differently from GRUS, it will be as secure and hopefully more user-friendly, reduce delivery queues and enable the delivery of multiple projects at the same time.

DDS will also feature a new user hierarchy. Data downloads will be done using the command-line interface (CLI) instead of sftp. This means that SUPR will no longer be used. The terminal-based data retrieval system will also be more interactive, users will be able to add other members to delivered projects and also track the progress of data download via the CLI.

Your data will be kept on DDS for 45 days after delivery (previously 90 days).

Please check out the documentation for more detailed information.

Stay tuned for more information!

Last Updated: 2nd May 2022