About us

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) is hosted by Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), a Swedish national center for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research.

NGI is one of SciLifeLabs largest technical platform both in terms of number of projects and number of users. It provides access to technology for massively parallel/next generation DNA sequencing, genotyping at all scales and associated bioinformatics support to researchers based in Sweden. It comprises four facilities; NGI Stockholm (Genomics Production and Applications development), NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform), and NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center).

NGI was launched January 1st 2013 and originates from the Swedish Research Council RFI infrastructure SNISS. NGI follows the VR RFI guidelines for national infrastructures and is supported by the Swedish Research Council (VR), host universities (Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University), and SciLifeLab. In addition, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) has provided critical capital support for new instruments and computational infrastructure.

Our service to researchers

NGI aims to provide:

  1. An internationally competitive Infrastructure to enable scientist within Swedish academia to perform world-class research projects in genomics.
  2. An infrastructure equipped with a comprehensive range of technology platforms for next generation sequencing (NGS) and genotyping that is accessible to all academic scientists in Sweden on equal terms.
  3. A flexible infrastructure that enables the application of the newest genotyping and sequencing technologies, as well as the ability to perform technology development for customization of projects and implementation of these new developments in the production-scale genomics services.
  4. A learning environment where researchers can become familiar with cutting-edge methods in genomics.
  5. An infrastructure contributing to education of Swedish scientists in the field of NGS and genotyping by organizing scientific meetings, user workshops and training courses.
  6. An organization supporting national networking of Swedish universities and core facilities in the field of NGS.

NGI steering board

Prof Marju Orho-Melander, Lund University (chairman)
Prof Niklas Dahl, Uppsala University
Prof Cecilia Williams, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Prof Erik Larsson Lekholm, Gothenburg University
Prof Erik Johansson, Umeå University
Ass. Prof Gonzalo Castelo-Branco, Karolinska Institutet
Prof Kajsa Paulsson, Lund University

NGI Director

NGI Director: Joakim Lundeberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Platform Director: Ulf Gyllensten, Uppsala University

NGI nodes

NGI Stockholm

SciLifeLab Stockholm.

Facility Director: Ellen Sherwood

Head of Facility (Production): Ellen Sherwood
Head of Facility (Application Development): Carl-Johan Rubin

NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform)

Dept. of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University.

Facility Director: Jessica Nordlund
Head of Facility (Genotyping): Tomas Axelsson
Head of Facility (Sequencing): Ulrika Liljedahl

NGI Uppsala (Uppsala Genome Center)

Dept. of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University.

Facility Director: Lars Feuk
Head of Facility: Susanne Hellstedt Kerje

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