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Smart-seq3 service being discontinued at NGI

26th June 2024  -  Categories: Updates

Starting from January 1, 2025, the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) will discontinue offering Smart-seq3 to new users.

Project progress status report available for projects at NGI Stockholm

19th June 2024  -  Categories: Updates

Many of you have asked for a way of checking the status and progress of projects running at NGI. We are now launching a system to display a more detailed view of multiple projects in the Order Portal for NGI Stockholm projects.

NGI broadens its sequencing and multi-omics capabilities with Element Biosciences AVITI24

14th June 2024  -  Categories: Updates

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) at SciLifeLab has ordered an Element Biosciences AVITI24 system. This purchase not only adds new sequencing capabilities with avidity sequencing but also comes with completely new options for performing flow cell multiomics on cells. More information from SciLifeLab (image provided by Element Biosciences) Last Updated: 14th June 2024

NGI is looking for a bioinformatician (temporary position)

3rd June 2024  -  Categories: Careers

We are looking for a temporary (one year) bioinformatician to join our team at NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform).

Tech Note – Genomic DNA fragmentation using Covaris g-Tubes

20th May 2024  -  Categories: Research & Development

Covaris g-Tubes can be used to fragment DNA and are recommended for use in creating Oxford Nanopore (ONT) libraries. The volumes and DNA concentration typically used for ONT libraries are outside the range of the example data provided by Covaris. Here, we tested using the volumes and concentrations appropriate for our requirements.

Limited Capacity over the Summer Holidays 2024

7th May 2024  -  Categories: Updates

NGI’s operating capacity will be reduced from July 1 to August 2, 2024. All services will resume as usual starting Monday, August 5, 2024. Sample Deliveries After June 20 we will accept sample deliveries by appointment only. Note! To ensure timely quality control (QC) assessment before the holiday period, please submit your samples before June 14. NGI Order […]

Verifying indices of user-submitted Illumina library pools using Nanopore sequencing and cross-platform demultiplexing

29th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

Informal poster created by Alfred Kedhammar as part of the Visualize Your Science Course 2023. Last Updated: 29th April 2024

[CLOSED] NGI is looking for a bioinformatician

17th April 2024  -  Categories: Careers

We are looking for bioinformatician to join our team at NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform).

Spatial transcriptomics as a complete service at the Scilifelab National Genomics Infrastructure – From tissue to gene counts

15th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

Conference poster presented by Jörg Bachmann at the XXIII International Congress of Genetics in Melbourne Australia, 16-21 July 2023. The poster contains credited images sourced from and unpublished images by Vilde Kaldhusda, Research group of K. Broliden, Karolinska Institute. Last Updated: 15th April 2024

An introduction to Genomics – From cells to function

12th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

A presentation that broadly covers the biological context of the field of genomics, providing a brief history of developments in the field from the 19th century to the present. Please feel free to download the deck, adapt it, and make it your own! Last Updated: 12th April 2024