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Tech Note – Genomic DNA fragmentation using Covaris g-Tubes

20th May 2024  -  Categories: Research & Development

Covaris g-Tubes can be used to fragment DNA and are recommended for use in creating Oxford Nanopore (ONT) libraries. The volumes and DNA concentration typically used for ONT libraries are outside the range of the example data provided by Covaris. Here, we tested using the volumes and concentrations appropriate for our requirements.

Verifying indices of user-submitted Illumina library pools using Nanopore sequencing and cross-platform demultiplexing

29th April 2024  -  Categories: Posters & Presentations

Informal poster created by Alfred Kedhammar as part of the Visualize Your Science Course 2023.

Tech Note РAdaptive Sampling: targeted  Oxford Nanopore long-read sequencing

29th February 2024  -  Categories: Research & Development

Adaptive sampling can be used to selectively enrich or deplete sequences from a library in real-time, enhancing coverage of regions of interest without requiring additional library pre-processing

Tech Note: Increased Complexity of Amplicon Libraries using Phased Primers

13th January 2021  -  Categories: Research & Development

Phased primers are used during the first PCR of amplicon library preparation in order to increase the complexity of the library. This increased complexity leads to improved sequencing quality.

Tech Note: Simplified protocol for SMARTer Pico kit

17th August 2020  -  Categories: Research & Development

Is total RNA fragmentation needed? Is rRNA depletion affected by fragmentation time? Or affected by input? Can we get reliable data when starting with low input?