PacBio Revio

The Power of HiFi sequencing

Image: Courtesy of Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

PacBio Revio System provides affordable, high throughput HiFi sequencing at scale. With a high-density, 25 million ZMW SMRT Cell, up to 4 SMRT Cells in parallel, and 24-hour run times Revio system achieves up to 15X higher throughput compared to the previous generation of PacBio instruments. The Revio system features cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs that provide rapid turnaround time for basecalling and HiFi read generation, keeping pace with the sequencing throughput of the instrument. With Google DeepConsensus on board, Revio is the most accurate PacBio long-read system to date. DeepConsensus uses advanced deep learning techniques to further extend the accuracy and yield of HiFi sequencing.

Standard runs include DNA methylation status, calculated with a deep learning algorithm that processes polymerase kinetics.

HiFi sequencing provides small variants, structural variants, repeat expansions, methylation, and haplotype phasing from a single library and sequencing run. ‚Äč

Last Updated: 8th June 2023

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