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Improving accessibility to data deliveries

12th February 2018  -  Categories: Updates

Now we have improved the accessibility to the delivered data! By default, the bioinformatic contact person appointed by the PI on the sequencing or genotyping order will now have access to the delivered data, in addition to the PI. Previously, the PI was the only person with access to the data and he or she […]

33 million SEK to support and advance large-scale genomic research in Sweden

5th December 2017  -  Categories: Updates

The SciLifeLab Board has announced its decision on funding 14 projects within the SciLifeLab National Sequencing Projects initiative. The aim of the initiative is to support and advance large-scale genomic research in Sweden within both health and biodiversity by providing sequencing support to scientists through open calls. Thereby supporting them in carrying out competitive international research. […]

The first map of genetic variation in Sweden

20th October 2017  -  Categories: Updates

The first map of genetic variation in Sweden has now been presented. The results are based on whole genome DNA sequencing of 1 000 individuals, selected to cover the variation in the whole country. Thanks to this Sweden now has a national resource, which will facilitate research and diagnostics of genetic diseases. Project leader is […]

New sequencing system

12th July 2017  -  Categories: Updates

The NovaSeq6000 sequencing system (Illumina Inc.) is now installed at the NGI facilities in Uppsala and Stockholm.

New data delivery system

21st June 2017  -  Categories: Updates

In mid-June, NGI will start introducing a new, secure system for delivering sequence and genotype data to users. With this new system, once your project is ready, you will be given access to a secure delivery server where your data will be available for download for a limited period of time. For more information, please […]

SciLifeLab offers funding for national genomics studies

26th April 2017  -  Categories: Updates

SciLifeLab welcomes applications for Swedish research projects based on next generation DNA sequencing. In total, this third call will provide 30 million SEK in support for sequence analysis of unique and well-characterized sample collections to study either the genetic basis of disease or environmental effects on biodiversity. Please go to this link for further instructions on how […]

Illumina NeoPrep system is being discontinued

28th March 2017  -  Categories: Updates

Earlier this year Illumina informed us that the NeoPrep library preparation system will be discontinued (PDF). This method has been in use at the NGI Stockholm facility during the last couple of years and is now being replaced by other methods. <10ng DNA: Rubicon Thruplex DNA-Seq <200ng DNA: Lucigen NxSeq AmpFREE The Lucigen prep is still in […]

Illumina lowers the minimum average coverage requirements for HiSeqX to 15X

12th January 2017  -  Categories: Updates

Illumina has recently updated the Special Conditions of Sale applicable to their HiSeqX instruments. The new Special Conditions lowers the requirements for average depth of coverage and now permits whole genome sequencing (WGS) and bisulphite sequencing down to an average depth of 15X coverage or greater. The HiSeqX instruments are for many projects at NGI […]

Christmas Holiday Period 2016

22nd November 2016  -  Categories: Updates

Orders submitted after December 14 will not be processed until after the holiday break. Sample submission will be closed during the following period: NGI Stockholm, Thursday 22 December – Friday 6 January NGI Uppsala, Monday 17 December – Friday 6 January

Current status for Stockholm node of NGI Sweden

12th September 2016  -  Categories: Updates

The current status of operations can now be viewed in a graphical display. See the link in the text on the upper right of this page.