Ion Torrent sequencing

Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing technology is as simple as it is fast.

Ion Torrent technology directly translates chemically encoded information into digital information on a semiconductor chip. When a nucleotide is incorporated into a strand of DNA by a polymerase, a hydrogen ion is released as a by-product. The charge from that ion will change the pH of the solution, which can be detected by ion sensor. No scanning, no light, no cameras.

The high throughput sequencer Ion S5 XL produces read lengths up to 600 bp. Which is well suited for a number of applications include:

Ion AmpliSeq Targeted Sequencing

Ion AmpliSeq targeted technology delivers a unique, highly muliplexed, PCR-based workflow with clear specificity and uniformity. It allows to target from one to hundreds of genes in a single run. One can choose from pre-designed panels, configure a panel from pre-tested genes, or create a customize panel using Ion AmpliSeq Designer.

Ion AmpliSeq Exome (Human)

Ion AmpliSeq Exome sequencing is a targeted sequencing approach that is restricted to the protein-coding regions of genome. It is estimated that exome encounters for approximately 85% of disease-causing mutations. Exome sequencing enables rapid, cost-effective identification of common single nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number variations (CNVs), and small insertions or deletions (indels), as well as rare de novo mutations. The Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Kit provides high efficiency of enrichment with >90% on-target bases and >90% coverage uniformity.

Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome (Human and Mouse)

Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome is a comprehensive tools for gene-level expression analysis with high sensitivity and specificity. Targeting >20,000 human or mouse RefSeq transcripts in a single reaction with an FFPE-compatible workflow, the complete Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome solution is compatible with existing downstream microarray or NGS analysis pipelines for fast and straightforward data interpretation.

Last Updated: 22nd April 2020

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