Parse Biosciences

Single-cell profiling of gene expression levels on a large number of cells.

We are currently testing the Parse Biosciences single-cell platform, and evaluating our research community’s interest in this method. Please contact us at if you want to know more!

The Parse Biosciences Evercode™ split-pool combinatorial barcoding system involves multiple rounds of barcoding of fixed and permeabilised cells. The split-pool barcoding allows for a very large number of barcode combinations – up to 1 million cells, collected on different days, may be processed in parallel.

Parse Biosciences currently offers the whole transcriptome WT Mini, WT, and WT Mega kits, to enable single cell sequencing at a scale to suit any project.


Last Updated: 12th March 2024

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We are currently testing this method. Please contact us to find out more.